About Bob!

What Does He Write?




 Really though, Bob writes genre fiction. To date he's finished a few  novels that he's working on editing, one southern horror and two grimdark fantasy. He's also written three collections of steampunk short stories with a horror flair that have been published by a small press.


Who Is Bob?



Born and raised in South Alabama, Bob has been writing as long as he can remember, though only began to take it seriously in the fall of 2012. That year he completed his first NaNoWriMo, writing a collection of short stories. This gave him the impetus to actually attempt to pursue a career as a writer. Since then has written in a variety of genres: horror, southern gothic, steampunk, cyberpunk, and fantasy. 

He has been published in a number of short story anthologies, has had several collections of his works published by Laser Blast Books, and has released a self-help book for creative people. He is currently seeking representation for his completed novels.

Outside of that, he enjoys writing supplemental roleplaying material, is available to hire as a freelance writer, hosts two podcasts, runs a tiny free library, occasionally delves into short film making, and is a starting a childhood literacy program.  

He is a firm believer that puns are the highest form of humor. There are some hidden in this website. Consider it a chance for a game of Where's Waldo, Pun Edition. 

 Twitter: @talesbybob
Facebook: facebook.com/talesbybob
Patreon: patreon.com/talesbybob
E-mail: talesbybob@gmail.com 

What People Are Saying!


"Bob is one of the new voices in genre fiction, and I am so looking forward to reading whatever he comes up with next." - Stephen King, in a dream I had.

"My lord, does it get any better than Bob? In short, no!" - George R.R. Martin, in an imagined conversation we had when I went for a long walk.

"Bob is literary the best, ever!" - Probably someone, at some point in history, about a Bob, maybe even this Bob.

Hit Him Up!

Bob would love to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to hit him up on whatever social media platform you find him on! And should you stumble upon him in person, keep in mind that he is much friendlier than he looks.

Also, he drinks whiskey, and is no slave to taste, so the cheaper the better. He prefers Heaven Hill (he could die happy if they decided to sponsor him), mixed with Coke Zero. The quickest way to get on his good side is to have one at the ready. No pressure.

Oh and bad jokes! Like puns! He can't get enough punishment! Quickest way to his withered writer heart.

Hawaiian shirts too! He's all about them. Walk up in a nice Hawaiian, Heaven and Coke in hand, and crack a pun? You just got a new best friend.

Bob loves books, beards, and booze, so if you are about any of those things, use the #booksbeardsbooze hashtag to catch his eye.