This business sized RPG is designed to be played during, or after, a long day at your favorite convention or comic-con. You've been walking with your friends, and along the way you have no doubt picked up all manner of business cards from vendors and artists that you want to support. So why not use them for a game?

Text of the Rules


CardPG! 2-6 Players 

Wander the convention, and booths you really enjoyed, maybe snag a business card. Don’t be greedy though, they had to pay for those remember. Only take cards from people you want to support.

The cards you’ve gathered are your spells, magic items, special moves, high tech. If you get into a situation you would normally fail, you can play one of your cards, explaining how the card design it has represents your ability. Each card can be used twice a session. If you have more than 10 cards (other than this one) set the excess aside.

To do something, play rock/paper/scissors with the DM. Win=Success; Tie=Can try again; Lose=Fail. A played card trumps a loss.

Each player starts by picking one card each, and combining the names and art, come up with the setting, time period, and who they all are.

Alternate Rules:

If you happen to have a six sided dice lying about, then there is a way to jazz this game up a little bit. Instead of playing rock, paper, scissors to do something, use this rule instead:

"Want to do a thing? Roll a d6. Odd, it succeeds. Even, it fails. The higher the number the better the success or worse the failure."  

Do you want a copy?

If you would like me to mail you a copy of this, shoot me an email at with CARDPG in the title. For 2 copies of the game, mailed to your door, its 4 bucks. Every two extra copies is an additional dollar.

Need something nice to be your 'spellbook?'

Here is a link to a nice faux leather business card holder, that is perfect to act as a spellbook holding all your best spells.


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