Freelance Work


All your writing needs, handled!

Bob has worked with scores of people over the years, in a variety of fields. From press work for bands to ghostwriting erotica, he's done a little bit of everything. He's worked with big name artists such as Upchurch the Redneck and Stitches, but also multi-million dollar corporations. The bulk of his work however has come from everyday people, with simple, everyday needs. Resume work, website content, blog posts, letters, bios, reviews, you name it, he can provide it.

Specialty: Band Bios

The bulk of his freelance work over the years has been in working with bands. He has done band bios and press work for a huge number of bands, from small local acts all the way up to national touring performers. This area is a specialty of his, so if you are a band, he has the experience to make you sound amazing (on paper that is)!

Specialty: Worldbuilding and Roleplaying

Outside of band work, Bob's other specialty is working in the realm of roleplaying and worldbuilding. He has written for apps, designed games, and been an active roleplayer/DM for over 15 years. He has been able to parlay that experience into an ability to work easily with others to help them flesh out their projects. If you have a game you are working on, a campaign you are designing, or a world you want to build he offers very flexible rates (read: super cheap) if the work you need is in this field. 


 "Bob has a talent to make something minuscule become an enormous success. He just knows how to spin good qualities in a person to put them over the top. He's perfect for any type of job spanning from biographies, business proposals, to the most creative outlandish sci-fi article you've ever read. I have used Bob for years for every project I encounter because I know it will be done right the first time with usually little to no tweaks or adjustments. He just knocks it out of the park the first time. Those are the people that I work with, love, and trust." 

- Goldy Locks of the Goldy Locks Band


Bob's rate varies depends on the type of work. Typically he charges by the hour, though fixed rates for set word counts can easily be negotiated. Complexity is a factor, more complex pieces (things requiring a lot of research for example) will add to the cost, while simple pieces (resume edits, simple blog posts) can go lower. Your best bet is to message him on facebook or shoot him an email ( to get a quote. Discounts for repeat business are available as well.

Hourly rate: 30$ for the first hour, 15$ per additional hour.