HOmework RPg, an Rpg system for kids


Homework RPG

Do you have a kid that its hard to motivate to do their homework? This system was designed to help that. The idea being that your kid gets to treat each homework assignment like a self contained adventure. Keep in mind, this system has never been play-tested, and some features have never been fully fleshed out. But the core of the game is here, along with a sample adventure. Take it for a spin, let me know how it works! And if you come up with an adventure of your own, feel free to email it to me and I will add it to the downloads for other parents to use.

Outline of play


Adventures proceed much like a dnd or other rpg type game. Where the challenge is physical, there is a roll of 2d6, adding the relevant stat to the roll, to see if it is high enough to beat the rating of the challenge. 

If the challenge is mental, you will attempt a problem and by solving it correctly you beat it. 

For combat, you must roll higher then 4 plus their armor, and then you roll damage as determined by your weapon or what have you. If you roll double 6 to hit, you hit no matter what, and if you solve a clincher you do max damage. If you roll double 1, you miss no matter what, and if you fail a clincher they get a free attack on you. Certain combats will allow you to attempt something special by attempting a clincher (a clincher is a Problem).



Stats are determined by your class. There are only physical stats, because if it comes to a mental stat, you will be using your brain to solve them. 

Strength: How strong you are. Certain weapons allow you to add strength to damage. 

Speed: How dexterous and quick you are. Determines who goes first. In a tie, roll a d6.

Toughness: How able to take damage you are. Add this number to your hit points.

Lifeforce: Determines your magical ability.

Hit points: All characters start with 20 hit points. This number can be modified by race, class, and toughness.



Each class has a power.

Wizard: spell book (three spell cards). 

Fighter: Can carry two weapons. 

Rogue: May draw two loot cards at a time, and choose which to keep. 

Cleric: Healing spell of 1d6, usable a number of times per adventure equal to their lifeforce. 



Each race has a power.

Human: Lucky. Can automatically succeed a Clincher each session.

Dwarf: +5 hit points

Elf: +1 damage with bows



To cast a spell you must roll 2d6 over the spells difficulty, adding your lifeforce.

Fireball: Difficulty 9, does 2d6 damage.

Invisibility: Difficulty 8, you become invisible allowing you to bypass an enemy



You are limited to 1 weapon, 1 armor, and 2 trinkets to carry over from adventure to adventure. Each quest will give you some sort of temporary 1 use item to start.

Staff: 1d6 damage

Sword: 1d6+1 damage

Heavy Robes: Armor of 2

Chainmail: Armor of 5

Magic Items

Magic Sword: +1 damage

Potion of luck: add 1d6 to a roll

Potion of Healing: add 1d6 hps

Ring of Shadows: adds 1 to your armor at night



Session: A session is one instance of you playing an adventure. An adventure can take several sessions to complete.

Clincher: A clincher is a problem asked during combat. It is used when double 6’s and 1’s are rolled. It is also used to allow very special actions to happen during combat.

Problem: A problem is question asked by the host, typically a homework problem.

Sample Character


Jeff the Wizard

22 hp

Armor: 2

Strength: 1

Speed: 3

Toughness: 2

Lifeforce: 2

Staff: 1d6

Heavy robes: Armor 2

Potion of healing: 1d6 healed.


Fireball: Difficulty 9, does 2d6 damage.

Invisibility: Difficulty 8, you become invisible allowing you to bypass an enemy

Spellbolt: Difficulty 5, does 1d6 plus lifeforce damage.

Example of Play


Jeff has to race across a burning bridge to safety. The adventure tell you that he has to first solve a problem to put his feet in the right places (failure does a point of damage as he takes a bad burn) and then a speed roll of 7. Jeff easily solves the math problem, and then rolls 2d6 getting a 5. He gets to add his speed though, making it an 8, so he makes it over the bridge safely.

Cryptic Crypt

For those who want to give it a go, I wrote an adventure, Cryptic Crypt. You can snag it below and give it a run through!


Here is a pdf of the rules of how to play the game, as well as an adventure.