Letters from a dwarf


What are they?

A friend of Bob's was telling him about how she made a Fairy Door for her daughter. It was a tiny door that would occasionally have a letter in it, whenever her daughter had been very good. The idea being that the fairy had left her a letter and a small gift. Bob fell in love with this idea. So he began to write letters that would be suitable for children, to fit this concept.

The Story?

Bob decided that he wanted to make these part of an ongoing story. So each 'year' (a set of twelve letters) will tell the story of the Doors, magical realms of fantastical creatures that are hidden among the human world. Year one focuses on the Earth Doors, and their Dwarven Caretakers. Later years will cover the Doors of Air and Elves, Doors of Fire and Drakes, and Doors of Water and Mer.


They are! Besides the twelve letters that explore the world of the Doors and move the plot forward, each year will have other sets of letters. Parents can choose which ones they want to use, but there will be some that teach the fictional lore of the Doors, some that talk about the flora and fauna, others that teach simple recipes, and some that will teach simple science experiments. Future sets will teach about astronomy, geology, and other sciences in an age appropriate fashion, while still keeping the magic alive.

What do I need to do?

It's simple! All you have to do is print the letters out, and give them to your kid. Bob provides the Word document, so you can even go in an edit them to make them personalized to your child or children. Some have special instructions that you may need to do (such as adding a Runic font to your computer), but most are simply print and go. Bob recommends printing them on old looking parchment paper, such as what you can find HERE

That link uses his Amazon affiliate link, so he gets a portion of each sale. 

The Year of EarthFiles

Each file name will have the number of letters contained within. Until the number reaches 12 just know that more letters will be getting added to that file. Once it reaches 12 it is done. These files are for Year 1, the Year of Earth.