Other Projects Bob Is Doing

Books, Beards, Booze Podcast


Bob is one of the co-hosts of the Books, Beards, Booze Podcast, where they drink booze, talk books, and have beards!

Plug Ugly Radio Podcast


A monthly podcast bringing you the best in original metal. punk, and rock music from across the southeast.

YouTube Content


Bob has a variety of YouTube content for your perusal, ranging from Books, Beards, Booze content to Booktube videos.

Other Podcasts He Has Guested On


 Bob has been a guest on several other podcasts as well. To see the full list, check out the profile on Podchaser by clicking the image above. 

Worldshaper Productions


Years ago Bob formed, with some friends, a small production group that made a series of short movies. 



You can hire Bob as a freelance writer. He's experienced and his rates are reasonable.

Tales by Bob Promotions


 For all your press work needs, hire TBB Promotions. 

Homework RPG


A simple roleplaying game designed for parents to play with their kids, and help them do their homework.

Literacy Program/Tiny Free Library


Bob is working a childhood literacy program, and runs a Tiny Free Library.

Letters from a Dwarf


Parents, here are letters for you to send to your child, to add some magic and mystery into their life!


Convention Panelist

Bob would love to be a part of your convention. He is able and willing to participate in panels on: writing, role-playing games, podcasting, or sci-fi/fantasy novels. He can, and has, moderated panels as well. 

Panel Resume

Sonocon, 2019

How to Get Published, Moderator

Gump City Comic Con, 2019

Author Panel, Panelist

Fanticon, 2019

How to Get Published, Moderator

Book Discussion, Moderator