Roleplaying Resources


One Sheet Games

When Bob discovered the concept of One Sheet RPGs he fell in love. Entire games, self contained onto one sheet of paper? Yes please! Since then he has made a number of them. Want to give them a go? CLICK HERE.

A Simple System

Bob Has developed his own simple roleplaying system. The idea behind it is to by and large do away with the idea of class, and to just make the character you want to play. The only limit on who you are, and what you can do is your creativity. Want to give it a try? CLICK HERE.

Roleplaying Resources

Bob loves making little one sheet resources for DMs. Whether it be a sheet of setting neutral Street People, or an encounter with a fell shrine, he loves making and sharing them. To download them (for FREE!) CLICK HERE.

Homework RPG

Bob designed a rough system for parents to help encourage their kids to do their homework. The core system is made, and one trial adventure. If you would like to give it a try, CLICK HERE.

Worldbuilder for Hire

In the past Bob ran a successful Fiverr offering world-building services. He still does so on a contract basis. His rates are reasonable, just hit him up to see what he can do for you.