The Actual Tales by Bob

Shockingly, given the amount of other content on this site, Bob does actually write books on occasion. Who would have thought it? You can find links below to a selection of what he has on offer. 2020 will be bringing quite a bit more as he actually really ramps up his self-publishing career. So keep an eye out for that! You can also support his efforts on his Patreon.

Anthologies as Robert McGough

Southern Haunts 3


I had my southern horror tale 'The Jar' placed in this rad anthology.

Journals of Horror: Found Fiction


My story "Whispers on the Wind" was placed in this anthology of Found Fiction.

Avast, Ye Airships!


My steampunk tale 'Colonel Gurthwait and the Black Hydra' was placed in this killer anthology all about steampunk pirates.

Self Help


Create Your Way to Freedom

 Are you creative? Stuck in a rut? Like a book with a snarky, dry wit telling you how to better yourself and achieve your goals? Then this is the product for you! Even better if you have a short attention span, as this is fairly short!

Really though, included within are a few easy to understand steps that will hopefully help you achieve your goals. Using frequent examples and a bit of common sense, the book lays out a pathway that anyone can follow. 

Click here, or the image to purchase.